Here are some of my projects

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ICS Client App

Delphi FireMonkey Android Client App for the ICS

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POS System

Delphi FireMonkey Cross-Platform Point of Sales Desktop Program

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Data Manipulation - Automated App

SMS Management Android App for Controlling the Winners of the Sales

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Niche website related to C/C++ Builder and mostly Delphi programming language.

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Portal for students to learn about different programming languages and computer science

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Video Course

Master Cross-Platform App Development using Delphi FireMonkey and gain IoT development practices

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Trivia Web App

Udacity Nanodegree Project
Python(Flask), JavaScript(React), HTML5/CSS3

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Computer Science Project

A* Path Finding Algorithm
Learned Heap, Node, IEnumerator and a few other CS Concepts

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Agency Web Page

Integrated Email Marketing API

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Desktop App

My first product which has approximately 3E8 users in Uzbekistan 
Smell pure Delphi! 😆

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Desktop Auditor App

Learned wxPython & wxGlade - OpenPyxl

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Learn Programming 4Free

Azure, Python, Object Pascal, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Java, Delphi, FireMonkey, Flask & CS

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